Accident Angers A11 – Who is Angers A11?

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Accident Angers A11 – The firemen interceded at 3:36 am, this Saturday, January 15, 2022, at the level of the A11, among Angers and the crossing point of the A11 motorway and the way to Briollay. At Angers, a traveler vehicle took the A11 the other way towards Paris. The vehicle hit a truck going in the correct heading towards Nantes. The driver kicked the bucket in the crash, the driver of the truck was harmed.

The A11 is sliced in the Paris to Nantes course and traffic is dialed back in the other bearing. The truck is right now implanted in the middle. It was obliterated by fire. A tow vehicle is nearby to clear the truck and reestablish traffic as fast as could be expected.

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