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Adele Omg Music Video – Adele has delivered the new music video for “Good gracious,” the Greg Kurstin-created track from 30 that tends to the confusions and trouble of dating when you’re at the center of attention. The Sam Brown-coordinated clasp flaunts a theatrical presentation feel, with the camera catching Adele as she plays out the melody alongside a variety of various artists and entertainers. On “Good gracious,” Adele sings of the apprehension about placing herself out there – and losing herself simultaneously. “I’m a simpleton, yet they all believe I’m visually impaired/I’d prefer to be a nitwit than abandon myself,” she sings. “I don’t need to account for myself to you/I am a developed lady and I would do what I like to do.”

The second single from 30, which follows her Number One diagramming “Simple on Me,” is Number 31 on Rolling Stone’s “Each Adele Song Ranked” list. The two singles have impelled her fourth studio collection, Number Two on Rolling Stone’s “Best Albums of 2021” list, to top the Billboard 200 for its 6th back-to-back week.

Adele delivered 30 last November, denoting her first collection beginning around 2015’s 25. While the record was written right after separation, in the main story for Rolling Stone, she talked with regards to how it was more a collection about self-revelation, outlined as an open letter to her child. “I didn’t have any acquaintance with myself,” she said. “I figured I did. I couldn’t say whether it was a result of my Saturn return or on the other hand if it was because I was well and genuinely kind of heading into my thirties, yet I simply tried to avoid what My identity was.”

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