Amy Bradley Missing – Did Amy Bradley ever get found?

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Amy Bradley Missing – At around 5:30 AM on March 24, 1998, Ron Bradley looked out at the gallery of his lodge onboard a Royal Caribbean journey boat and saw his little girl Amy Lynn Bradley relaxing calmly. After thirty minutes, he looked again and she was gone, gone forever.

The simplest clarification for Amy Lynn Bradley’s vanishing is that she fell over the edge and was gulped by the sea waves. Be that as it may, Bradley was a solid swimmer and a prepared lifeguard and the boat was not a long way from shore.

Amy Lynn Bradley’s vanishing has baffled specialists for quite a long time.

To be sure, her vanishing appears to be significantly eviler than an instance of somebody lost adrift. Since the time Bradley disappeared, there has been a progression of upsetting sightings of her. In 2005, somebody even sent her troubled family a stomach photo that proposed she’d been dealt into sexual subjugation.

This is the agitating, inexplicable problem of Amy Lynn Bradley.

The Bradley family Ron and Iva, and their grown-up kids, Amy and Brad boarded the Rhapsody Of The Season on March 21st, 1998, in Puerto Rico. Their journey would take them from Puerto Rico to Aruba to Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles.

The evening of March 23rd the prior night Amy Lynn Bradley disappeared the boat was moored simply off the shore of Curacao. From the beginning, it was a completely normal voyage transport night. Amy and her sibling celebrated in the boat’s club. They moved to a voyage transport band called “Blue Orchid”. Amy visited with a couple of the musicians and hit the dance floor with the bass player, Yellow (otherwise known as Alister Douglas).

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