Brian Ward Missing – Was Brian Ward ever found?

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Brian Ward Missing – Brian Ward was 17 when he was most recently seen getting in a vehicle close to his Petworth home in September 2020. Police said there’s been no action on his telephone, online media, or monetary records.

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“Up to this date, we have not had whatever substantial to where we might find or even get any sort of an account of what happened the night he disappeared,” Metropolitan Police Department Capt. Kevin Kentish said.

Brian’s family said they’ve been designated by con artists requesting pay-off. His dad, Jonathan Ward, got a text last year asserting they abducted Brian. Police let them know it’s not an unexpected pattern.

“They were saying with a lot of missing children, they send these to individuals attempting to blackmail them for cash,” Jonathan Ward said.

Brian’s folks say their child is aware, loves his family, and experiences never been in difficulty. “He realizes his folks love him and miss him without question,” said his mom, Lavangela Ward.

“It’s something troublesome, the obscure is a hard, unique thing,” Jonathan Ward said. “No sort of conclusion at all.”

Last month, Brian’s family commended his eighteenth birthday celebration without him, wearing shirts saying, “We miss you.”

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