Brittiny Lopez Murray Instagram – ‘Rookie of the Year’ Teacher Arrested

Brittiny Lopez Murray Instagram – A woman who was once named “Rookie Teacher of the Year” at Hialeah Middle School was let out of jail on Tuesday, one day in the wake of managing prosecutions on different occasions with a 14-year-old past understudy in her vehicle.

Brittiny Lopez-Murray, 31, was caught Monday, at this point invigorated out of jail on Tuesday ensuing to being told to stay away from the individual being referred to.

According to the catch report, Lopez-Murray had different encounters with the child over a two-month time span, starting in August.

According to the catch report, the understudy’s sister saw messages on his phone and let their people in on who declared her to subject matter experts.

Lopez-Murray, who instructed at Hialeah Middle School for a significant long time, was named ‘Amateur Teacher of the Year’ in 2017.

She manages various prosecutions including assault, scurrilous and vulgar battery, taking part in a show with a child, and propelling execution by a young person, according to the report.

Reports express that Florida sensation teacher Brittiny Lopez-Murray was caught Monday (October fourth) after she was faulted for getting genuinely engaged with a past understudy.

31 year-old Brittiny Lopez-Murray is a Florida community school sensation teacher, faulted for getting genuinely engaged with a 14-year-old past understudy in her vehicle.

The understudy is as of now supposedly in optional school.

The New York Post reports that the alleged issue was uncovered all through the week’s end, after the understudy’s sister saw text exchanges among him and Lopez-Murray.

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