Fiona Pender Missing – Who is Fiona Pender?

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Fiona Pender Missing – IT IS NOW a long time since Fiona Pender vanished and gardaí has recharged their allure for data. Officials situated in Tullamore and Portlaoise have kept on working on Fiona’s case since she disappeared on 23 August 1996.

She was most recently seen at roughly 6 am that morning at her level at Church Street, Tullamore.

Fiona was seven months pregnant when she was most recently seen in Tullamore, Co Offaly. She was 25 years of age. While there has been one primary suspect for the situation, he has never been charged. No hint of Fiona has been found, despite various pursuits by gardaí.

“No one has been dealt with for the vanishing of Fiona right now,” a garda explanation read this evening.

Fiona was portrayed as being 5’5″ in stature, with long light hair, and was 25 years old. She was wearing brilliant hued attire and white tights and was seven months pregnant at the hour of her vanishing. Gardaí is interesting to anybody that met, saw, or has any data comparable to the vanishing of Fiona in the early morning of Friday 23rd August 1996 who has not addressed Gardaí to if it’s not too much trouble, approach and address our examination group.

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