Gracie Wood Video – How treated Wood says in the viral video?

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Gracie Wood Video – Gracie Wood, the girl of Channel 7 columnist Amy Wood, has been uncovered for offering bigoted comments. The 17-year-old was found giving an abnormal discourse in which she said “Mexicans and center eastern, everything they do is need to kill individuals.”

A video of her bigot and homophobic discourse turned into a web sensation after TikTok client Denise Bradley, who works under the username @auntkaren01 uncovered Gracie. The record has gained notoriety for uncovering bigoted people. Wood turned out to be one of the netizens being called out in her “Bigot of the day” portion.

The youngster star has her tune called “You Ain’t My Boo.” She had amassed almost 30k adherents on Instagram before erasing her record. Her Twitter account has vanished following the uncovering also. The columnist’s little girl was being recorded without her insight. She got going the video by saying

“We should blow the entire landmass of Africa.”
Somebody in the video then, at that point, got some information about Africans? She reacted:
You all! This is insane! This is the way it gropes filling in South Carolina! These individuals here are a portion of the most exceedingly terrible kind!. At the point when somebody got some information about Germans, she said that she upheld “Nazis” and added that since they all

“disdain gay individuals and individuals of color, I support. Heil”

“Truly Hitler was a quality man and he went out the correct way by committing suicide. I feel like I’d prefer to commit suicide than be killed by a terminating crew.”
Wood continued to utilize the N-word, provoking giggles in the room.

Neither Amy Wood nor Gracie Wood has put out an announcement following the bigoted video cut becoming a web sensation on the web. Notwithstanding, the previous kept on being dynamic on her Twitter account detailing public news.

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