Justin Bieber Diane Keaton Video – Diane Keaton Stars in Justin Bieber’s “Ghost”

Justin Bieber Diane Keaton Video – At whatever point Justin Bieber debuts another music video, it will undoubtedly turn into a web sensation. In any case, his most current one ends up having some surprising hybrid allure on account of an appearance by the unparalleled Diane Keaton. The 75-year-old entertainer isn’t the primary name you consider when you consider who’s in Bieber’s fan base, yet this enchanting new video recently demonstrated that they’re an incredible powerful couple.

Keaton stars as Bieber’s grandma in the impactful new music video for “Phantom,” which is tied in with mending from pain. Keaton uncovered in a meeting with Vogue that she acquired her own garments to wear the video, including an astonishing plaid Gucci coat.

“That coat is truly executioner for me. It’s my top pick,” Keaton said. “A coat is the best thing on the planet for an individual like me who’s sort of odd. Let’s be honest: I’m willing to acknowledge the way that I’m somewhat odd.” Scroll down to watch the video and to shop Keaton-roused pieces.

Justin Bieber has another video for Justice feature “Phantom” out today and it has some genuine star power: Aside from Bieber himself, the visual additionally includes Diane Keaton.

In the video, Bieber’s granddad passes on. From that point onward, he zeros in his endeavors on making his grandma (Keaton) cheerful by taking a stab at new outfits, going out for drinks, and in any case carrying on with their lives.

With Diane Keaton close by, Justin Bieber rejuvenates his ‘Apparition’ video. While the video gets going extraordinarily pitiful, Justin helps Diane observe herself to be again once the recording closes.

The recording then, at that point, leaps to two years after the fact, with Diane actually lamenting the deficiency of her significant other. Fortunately, Justin is there to get her in a good place again. With another outfit for his mother close by, Justin takes Diane making the rounds.

They make efforts, go out and afterward drink wine at home, where Justin sets her up on a dating application. Eventually, Diane at long last accepts reality as she dumps her significant other’s remains in the sea and meets a renewed person at the sea shore.

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