Lisa Weaver Missing – Where is Lisa Weaver? Update!

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Lisa Weaver Missing – The last time Michael Mullins talked with his mom, she was sitting in her bed playing on her iPad. A few hours after the fact, the family’s Blount County home had caught fire and 52-year-old Felicia Weaver, referred to her loved ones as Lisa, was mysteriously absent. Weaver’s wellbeing had crumbled to where she could scarcely get around without help from anyone else, and the family had as of late examined acquiring hospice care. “I know in my heart 200% she simply didn’t up and leave,” Michael Mullins said.

Specialists have stayed quiet on the test, yet said they’ve completed a deliberate and extreme examination concerning Weaver’s vanishing. “Law implementation has worked vigorously on the quest for Lisa, including dead body canines, helicopter and foot search, and investigating proof,” Blount County District Attorney Pamela Casey told today.

“We have summoned clinical records, telephone records, and bank records of Lisa Weaver. Many worker hours have gone into searching for her. We do have an individual of interest regarding that situation. Yet, right now, we won’t be delivering any additional data connected with the examination.”

The fire broke out on Thursday, Feb. 5, at the Hayden home where Weaver resided with her ex, Edward Mullins, and two of her three children in Hayden. Experiencing COPD and requiring oxygen, Weaver had moved back in with her ex so he and her children could focus on her. “He was accommodating her and dealing with her,” said Paulina Mullins, Weaver’s girl-in-law. “They resembled dearest companions.”

Michael Mullins said he conversed with his mother around 12:30 p.m. through text while he was out with companions. They met up a couple of more occasions for the duration of the evening, and afterward, he said she as of now not reacted. He began attempting to call her and found no solution. He before long scholarly the house was ablaze. More than about six volunteer local groups of firefighters reacted to the scene.

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