Melanie Colon Missing – What Happened to Melanie Colon

Melanie Colon Missing – A lady’s disintegrated body found in the Juniata Park segment of Philadelphia early Saturday has been recognized.

Police have recognized the casualty as 22-year-old Melanie Colon of North Reese Street. She passed on from numerous shot injuries. Her dad, Louis Colon, says she was most recently seen with Reynaldo Torres on Tuesday evening.

The two were in a 1983 gold Mazda that evening, however the vehicle was recuperated on Rockland Street in Feltonville. Torres was likewise detailed missing the week before.

Colon’s body was found by a bystander Saturday morning behind an apartment complex on Maple Lane close to Wyoming Avenue. Her mom, Zoraida Miranda, is requesting the offender to approach.

Louis Colon watched out from his entryway patio at the birthday festivity for his girl Melanie, taken from him three years prior.

The pink and white inflatables attached to the utility poles on his minuscule North Philadelphia side road. The loved ones, the composition of his little girl fastened to the front of the house. The DJ’s beating music, splendid pop melodies and dance numbers.

Colon needed to recognize that the cake was decent. Furthermore, in the event that she had been alive to see it, Melanie Colon would host cherished her 26th birthday celebration get-together, observed May 17.

In any case, Louis Colon hosted not needed a gathering by any means. He didn’t see anything to celebrate. His anguish burns-through him.

On this square, on a warm night in May 2012, Melanie Colon slipped into the front seat of companion Reynaldo Torres’ gold Mazda and took off for a drive.

The two were never seen alive again. Colon’s body was discovered four days after the fact behind an apartment complex in Juniata Park, taken shots multiple times at short proximity.

Torres, 43, vanished, without any signs to his whereabouts or Colon’s passing.

The Colons covered their girl, grieved her demise, however didn’t – couldn’t – continue on. There were an excessive number of inquiries unanswered.Melanie Colon Missing

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