Reche Caldwell Death – Is Reche Caldwell still alive?

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Reche Caldwell Death – Tamarack Vanover and Reche Caldwell initially met in 2002 as San Diego Chargers colleagues, each at various finishes of their professions. Vanover was getting his last possibility following two years out of the NFL, and Caldwell was a second-round draft pick that spring, a new kid on the block with his whole profession before him. The two were a far-fetched pair on a superficial level, having gone to equal schools Vanover at Florida State, Caldwell at Florida. That never got between their companionship, one that would keep going for the following 18 years.

“Me and Reche, before this occurred, we were chatting on the telephone like 10 times each day,” Vanover told Yahoo Sports. “Somewhere around 10 times each day.”

This, Vanover is referring to, was the night the 41-year-old Caldwell was shot and killed in Tampa on June 6, not long before he was going to go out with his better half.

Vanover and Caldwell weren’t simply chatting on the telephone when the shooting occurred — they were FaceTiming. Vanover, a few hours away in Tallahassee, Florida, was one of the last individuals to see Caldwell alive. The others: the lady Caldwell was dating (Jennifer Graciano) in whose front yard Caldwell was shot; the individual (or individuals) who shot Caldwell; and the paramedics who couldn’t save his life en route to the clinic.

“Then, at that point, in the following couple of moments, that is the point at which I heard the shots,” Vanover said. “I didn’t have the foggiest idea what was happening from the start. I was simply remaining there, calling [Caldwell’s name].

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