Sisa Flatela Twitter – Sisa Flatela Update!

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Sisa Flatela Twitter – As the world clocks in a fortnight into the new year, in Mzansi things have taken a sassy turn. This comes after a Twitter client with handle Sisa Flatela posted a photograph of her honey pot which immediately blew the courses of events. The very close photo went very popular with all of Mzansi concurring that it was the most wonderful Kuku they had at any point seen. Men were seen slobbering and asking her out in the open.

Not long after Sisa Flatela Kuku became a web sensation, men wherever were seen tweeting “Iphi le Kuku”, generally meant “where is the P***”. The lady behind the photograph, Sisa Flatela needed to change her settings on Twitter and breakpoint the individuals who follow her as she was unable to adapt to the viral Kuku picture. Eben ladies wondered about its excellence.

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