Vinicius BBB 22 Instagram – Video kidding that it would be on BBB21

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Vinicius BBB 22 Instagram – In around 15 hours, Vinicius, from Ceará, declared a BBB 22 member, went from under 100 thousand devotees on Instagram to more than 1 million. The imprint was arrived this Saturday morning (fifteenth) and celebrated by the heads of the four-year college education in Law.

In the profile, he keeps up with on Instagram, the Ceará local offers funny substance and characterizes himself as a ” low-pay powerhouse “.

Last year, he posted a video kidding that he was picked to take part in BBB 21. In the recording, he reenacts a meeting to enter the unscripted TV drama and even uncovers how he would treat he won the R$ 1.5 million prize.

“How am I going to treat I win the prize of R$ 1.5 million? Previously or after I’m released from the clinic? , how I will treat I recapture cognizance is rest”, he kidded, and, toward the finish of the recording, predicts that he would enter the current year’s release.

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